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MRI update

As I said 18 days ago on 25th January went for check up on scar tissue in neck and informed they wanted me to have MRI took bad reaction to last one so was very scared made appointment to see GP on 3rd February never got got keep it on morning of 2nd of February phone call from hospital they had a cancellation could I attend at 11:30 for MRI ,only live 4miles away so no problem. Next day letter arrived with follow up appointment on 11th February, phone call from GP followed wanted me there on 5th February for bloods ,

So in 17days had 2consultant appointments, MRI, arm full of blood,can't complain.

When I saw him yesterday given all clear

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And you were OK with the MRI?


Was only in tube for 20 minutes ,still had trouble standing after,balance strange for a few hours . Spoke to technisian before scan she suggested I bring it up with consultant when I saw him,as it could be a ear problem.

Theory from him is and he pulled up scans to show me left side of my body had so much nerve damage caused by surgery it had to repair its self finding new pathways ,also having no muscle or glands there could have a affect I know that if you touch my neck in the right place!!! You can send a shock down my arm boils down to don't know


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