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Zoledronic Acid

I had a very useful and informative session with the Rheumy Nurse at our local hospital today about Zoledronic Acid infusions. She took me through the possible side effects - mild fluey symptoms which will pass after a couple of days. And she said I must tell my dentist about the ZA infusions and have any pending dental work done before the first infusion; also, turn up on the day well hydrated. I don't think she could have been more informative. I feel quite confident about the system now and hope that the appointment comes through soon, and preferably before Christmas.

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That is excellent preparation - and do take the dental work warning seriously. Make an appointment to see your dentist straight away and find out if there is anything that should be done before having that first infusion. It is important - your bones won't crumble with a couple of month wait but it is far better to know all your teeth are right BEFORE.


I have to ring up tomorrow about a changed appoinment so will arrange to see him asap. My teeth are always springing nasty surprises on me, so need to be as sure as I can be.


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