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GCA on 60mg what should the reduction be

Hello everyone I have had PMR for 8 years now and was down to 3.5mg .On Friday night my GP sent me to A&E as I had pain behind the eyes and slight tenderness in the temple area. I have been down this road once before and was given 60mg pred and reduce slowly which I have done over the last 18 months however this time the doctor I saw in A&E on Friday said to take the 60mg then back on to 3.5 pred as before. I am concerned as that is a big drop I am sure someone will have the answer for me .Thank you all Kathy

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My response to this is the same as on your other post - you need to discuss it with your GP and - preferably - a rheumy. Either it was a GCA flare or it wasn't and for a GCA flare you don't take a couple of days 60mg pred and go back to where you were.

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Ditto, to your previous post!


I can't really comment on what you should do but hope you get it sorted and feel better soon 😀.


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