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Gca scare back on 60mg from 3.5mg

Hello everyone my GP sent me to A&E on Friday night as I had pains in the back of my eyes and slight tenderness of temples after examination doctor at hospital put me up to 60mg . This did happen to me 18 months ago the doctor then told me to come down to 20mg over 10 weeks then very very slowly which I have done now on 3.5mg.My concern now is the doctor at A&E on Friday has told me to go straight back on3.5 mg some advice from those who know would be great.

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IF it was a real GCA flare then I think what you were told last time is safer - how long did the A&E doc this time say to take 60mg for? Theoretically, using 60mg for a couple of day/a week should mean you can go back to your old dose straight away - but that is in other things like RA or asthma where it is being used to manage a flare. GCA is another thing altogether.

I'd discuss it with your GP and preferably a rheumy consultant before dropping right back to 3.5mg. If it had been back to 15mg that would have been different but 3.5mg is a very low dose.




Hi lucky12,

Have read your post a couple of times, and am still bewildered. Not difficult!

Are you saying the same hospital doctor put you on 60mg, but then said go back to 3.5mg, or have I read that wrongly. How long did he say stay on 60mg, or was it just a one off dose? If so, don't think that is going to sort it out.

Think you need to speak to GP ASAP - he should be able to access A&E notes and clarify.


Thank you so much for prompt reply Yes I also got muddled first tried to post from Tablet and couldnt get it to send then sent another one from laptop in case the first one was lost I think it is me that is lost. GCA was not diagnosed but thought it could have been caused by a reaction to antibiotics for a urine infection.However I will be checking with reaumy tomorrow. No the doctor I saw last Friday was the one on call that night but the first scare I had was 18 months ago and saw a specialist at the eye clinic who I had more faith in. I might phone them tomorrow aswell. The 60mg was a one off.


Dear Lucky 12,

I am also dealing with GCA. I had a flare up about a month ago. At that time, I was taking Prednisone 30mg. I had severe headaches in the temporal and top of my head for 7 days. My doctors had me go to the Emergency room to rule out meningitis. After a spinal tap, it was verified that I did not have meningitis, but I did have a GCA flare up. My rheumatologist had me raise the Prednisone to 40mg which I am still presently taking. I am concerned that the doctor is having you reduce so quickly and to such a low dose. Did they do any lab work for a ESR and CRP?

Best wishes to you for continued improvement.


Thank you for your reply joyful13 Yes I did have ESR AND CRP test all ok. I understand the reasoning for them to give me 60mg in case of GCA and I just want to lower pred in the best possible way.I will be talking to ruemy and optomolagist in the morning. Good luck with your reduction.


Hi everyone I have spoken to rheumy and she has reasured me all is ok as no GCA so I can go back to 3.5 pred as only had one dose of 60mg.I must admit that I get a bit paranoid if I get an eye problem as it is one of the main pointers for GCA but at the same time I think I must get checked straight away. Thanks to you all.


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