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Twitching eyelids

Just reading through all your helpful advice and wondering if anyone else experienced eyelid twitching at all. Before I started the pred I had that for days on end. Not painful just really irritating. Pred is really making me feel normal again. I have researched and been very strict on my diet and eating plentg of dieuretic foods and cut right down on carbs as scared of weight gain but over last few days felt well enough to resume my usual activities. .. gym cycling and work most days. I feel tired at times and have slight neck ache and regular sweats but other than that SO much better than I have for months. .. will I know if I'm overdoing it?

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"will I know if I'm overdoing it?" - very likely but probably not until the next day.

There have been discussions before on other forums about twitches in various place. It seems to be a part of PMR. A few months ago I started getting odd twitches in my left hand - which led to typos. All gone now. It is a strange disease...


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