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gca question

Thank you all for your quick replies was at the Dr this morning, same Dr!, I chickened out and didnt mention it gonna get an appointment to have my eyesight checked with optician. I get a lot of pain in my lower back and hips another Dr told me its all part of PMR yet this morning this Dr says you dont get any back or hip pain ! My last bloods still showed inflammation but improvement. I felt pretty stupid like I was just a time waster so didnt mention eyesight ! Last time I told her about headache was told it was probably just tension.

I am to start cutting pred down to 12.5mg from tomorrow.

Feeling kinda confused !!!!

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Well I hate to have to say it - but there's another doctor talking out of a hole in her head! I'm not really a nasty person but I do hope some of these people who pontificate about whether you do/don't have things in PMR when they have no personal experience get a dose of it sometime!

And to add to it - if you still have raised inflammation levels then you shouldn't be told to reduce even if they have improved.

However - look for a Bowen therapist locally (aka Bowtech) and have a few sessions - it could well help that hip and back pain. Unless the hip pain is bursitis in which case Bowen might not help greatly but a cortisone shot will.

Where are you? UK? If so, insist you want an appointment with the GP who apparently DOES know a bit about PMR and tell them why.


Thank you for your reply, I am in Northern Ireland,I will make an appointment for helpful Dr ! got more blood done yesterday hopefully when they come back will find out more. Thank you again for your reply its good to talk to some one who knows what they are talking about.

beye for now


I am just amazed at the ignorance of this doctor. It is not a hole in her head she is talking out of!! Tell the optician your worry about GCA, some are very knowledgable. It is so important you get checked, your sight is very precious.


Your in NI and the best opticians I have ever met are those trained in Belfast.

I depended on Bernadette in Specsavers for nearly 9 years, all through GCA and then remission.

You also need a clued up GP.

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