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I,ve had sciatica on and off for the last 7 or 8 weeks GP finally sent me for xrays 4 on spine and one on pelvis.They have discovered that I have two cracks in my pelvis. I've not fallen at all so they are puzzled how come?We've just had a visit from an advanced practice nurse from the GP's. During thr conversation she wanted to know why I was not taking bisophosonates and then concluded that therin lay the problem My last dexa scan showed small evidence of osteoporosis in spine and femoral neck other than that it was osteopenia. I have relented and will start taking bisophosonates again but it still doesn't answer the question of why have two small cracks in my pelvis UNhappy and puzzled and still in pain.Wendy

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Ouch - but I suppose it is a start. I assume they will refer you? And bed rest?


I have an appointment at the fracture clinic ( orthopedics) they told me at the hospital to carry on as before namely struggling to walk in awful pain. which is why my husband rang the GPs surgery. the nurse that came went away promising to ring thr fractur clinic with some information regarding bed rest I await results sitting bed typing this (what am I to do as Cilla said)


I'm sure you should at least have crutches - the neighbour who cracked his pelvis skiing did for a while and that should help the pain moving. My daughter had symphysis pubis - you know, when the pelvis loosens very early in pregnancy and that was excruciating. She was told never to move without crutches.

I sometimes wonder how some of the bods in A&E expect one to move - you don't need plaster/crutches/pain relief they say as if you could fly! The rest of Europe is rather more sympathetic at that stage - not very forthcoming with local or general anaesthetics otherwise though ;-)


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