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Hate PKD

Technology is so advanced then why there is no medicine for this disease.Don't know what to do?Feeling depressed.

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Hi there is medication available, but you have to be CKD stage 2 to 3, with fast progressing disease, this medication is called Tolvaptan and only available through your Renal specialist, however it only slows the progression of the disease, there are no cures.

Sorry 😐



why doctors give medication only in stage 2 and 3.only when disease get worst.so many people have this disease,and why they are not finding any medicine to completly cure this??my right kidney have biggest cyst(7cm) and so many small ones also.and left kidney biggest is 6cm.will it get burst??my doctor said i didn't meet criteria to get tolvaptan..


43 years old tx in 2015 2years tomorrow bilateral nephrectomy 2016 left was 9ld 4oz and right 9ld 7oz new kidney only got gfr of 25 with chronic damage and still not depressed take every day as it comes all will work out


@ paru, unfortunately there's no cure for pkd, i feel sad at times too but gotta keep moving or stress will contribute to our health.. stay positive and Hope you feel better soon....

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