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The Taste of the Bristol Approach Course

I'm a new volunteer at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre and yesterday, as part of my training to be a Helpline Call Handler, I attended the 'Taste of Bristol Approach' course. This is a half day session, designed to offer prospective users of the Centre an overview of the range of services available and an introduction to the science behind our thinking.

It was a pleasure to meet the eleven other participants, who gave me a real insight into many of the issues they face. Among many important factors, I was particularly struck by the impact of cancer on the partners and carers of people with a diagnosis and by how this group can feel their own needs to be in some sense 'fraudulent' in comparison with the needs of the cancer sufferer themselves. Thankfully, Penny Brohn services are available not only to anyone over the age of 18 with a cancer diagnosis but also to those closest to them. I wanted to underline this fact, in recognition of the many self help techniques that can transform the wellbeing of everyone affected by cancer and not just those who are ill.

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I think it's fantastic that supporters can come along too. I brought my mother with me on one course and my sister on another and I think they found it extremely beneficial. People often forget that with a diagnosis of any major illness the whole family is affected. Penny Brohn is a truly wonderful place and has been a life-line to me over the last couple of years and it's thanks to everyone involved, including volunteers like you MawMaw (where did you get that name from?!), that it can help so many people. xx


Hi Rosabella. Thank you for your kind comments about the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre and I’m delighted to hear that the centre has been helpful to you and your loved ones.

MawMaw is the name my daughter gave to one of her two legomen that she made when she was three. The other was a rather more sedate ‘George’!

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