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bile duct cancer help

hi all my partner was diagnosed with bile duct cancer almost a year ago...which has now spread to the pancrease, liver and small bowel.. he had a stent put in and he has had 2 courses of chemo of which did nothing...he has starting losing weight and his appetite is very limited...i know that this is connected to the cancer but recently when he closes his eyes and before he actually gets to sleep his body starts to jump and he groans .... and its like constantly happening ..anyone any advice ?

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Sorry to hear of your partners illness. Have though of contacting the Penny Brohn Centre they are very supportive. Sending you both positive healing thoughts. Keep in touch

Jean xxx


Hi my mum has myeloma cancer of the bone marrow and I have changed her diet no meat and only vegetables and fruits also there is a man called Vernon Johnson ..... you can find him on YouTube he had cancer and got rid of it drinking baking soda and black strap molasses.... mum is also taking this and wheatgrass.... you never know try something anything.... God bless!


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