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Can anyone recommend an indoor water feature to boost the mindset?

Hi, I'm new on here. My friend has been diagnosed with cancer and I'm trying to help him. He attends Penny Brohn. He's looking for a water feature that can go in his bedroom. Ideally, the pump wouldn't be noisy. Preferably some kind of stone pebble trickling, tinkly kind of thing that would be soothing and therapeutic. We've both looked online but not seeing anything at the moment that captures exactly what he's looking for. Any ideas?

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Has he got a CD player, you can buy recordings of trickling water, bird song and many other soothing sounds which are helpful. If you want the real thing, to create a sanctuary, Amazon is probably the best place to look... type in buddah water feature, and you will see a wide selection on there.

All the best



He does have the CD sounds already thanks, but the water feature is an extra he could do with. I'm not certain that the Buddha ones would be ideal for him (I think something more natural looking, like water trickling down a grassy area or mountain or something more in keeping with the 'look of outdoors' - obviously for indoors) but I appreciate you taking the time to reply Penny2. Thank you.


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