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has anyone heard of the benefits for using clay as a healing property

I would like to hear from someone who has used green healing therapy.

I have had surgery for bowel cancer a year ago and now have about 12/14 inches of colon left I should eat less fibre than I do but I like and grow my own vegetables. I may be loosing a lot of the nutrients due to my short reservoir. It has been suggested that this clay therapy could alkaline my body - and help with the absorbency issue - I also have high level of calcium my blood.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

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Hi Jean

Although we do not have the information available to help with your query about clay and green healing therapy, you might be interested in contacting the Penny Brohn Helpline where we have information sheets about Low Residue Diets, Nourishing Foods, Build-Up Drinks and Supporting the Acid/Alkaline Balance which may help with some of your queries about nutrition. If you get in contact with us through helpline@pennybrohn.org we could certainly email you this information to look at. Or feel free to ring us on 0845 123 2310.

Helpline Team


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