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Vaccine worries



Are people with PCD likely to become quite poorly after having the vaccine due to the fact that we will be receiving a tiny bit of covid do you think??

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Hi Christie, as I’m 85 I had first Pfizer jab on 17 Dec and second 7 Jan. arm slightly sore for 24 hours, think second made me little tired, nothing significant, or it may have been that I was doing too much, as widow living alone! I’ve had worse side effects from flu jab! Good luck.

Thank you for the reassurance!


Hi Chrissie,

A few people with PCD have reported mild flu-like symptoms that lasted a day or two. I hope this doesn't put you off getting it - if that's how they felt with the vaccine I imagine they would find covid much worse! Definitely worthwhile side effects I think. If you're still worried please email

Morrison10 in reply to LD28

A bonus for going to have jabs is that I could drive my car and go out, first time in ages! Police are stopping cars.

LD28Administrator in reply to Morrison10

Silver linings eh! Brill :)

Chrissie82 in reply to LD28

Thank you, oh I will definately have the vaccine anyway dont worry!

I had the Pfizer vaccine 4 hours ago, and have a history of anaphylaxis, currently all ok. You don’t receive any Covid in the vaccine, just a protein which mimics that of Covid so that your immune system can learn to evict it and then if you actually caught Covid it would have already seen the protein so will eradicate it sharpish and you won’t have a reaction as severe as normal. That’s the theory anyway!