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I have come across a product online called ENTEROSGEL. In 1 article a Doctor referring said "it is associated with intestinal health and recovery from leaky gut. Leaky gut is a condition where the lining of the intestine is damaged and becomes excessively porous, allowing partly digested protein and bacterial toxins to seep into general circulation. Almost every aspect of health can be adversely affected by leaky gut".

It's gluten free and not absorbed into the bloodstream so is no detrimental effects, just cleanses the gut? Has anyone tried it?????

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No, but I wish I could get this in the US. I wonder if it would help eliminate the itching caused by PBC by getting rid of toxins in the gut? I have been staying away from processed foods that contain chemicals and preservatives and have been eating oats with every meal and I haven't itched in months. My idea is that since oats lowers cholesterol by the gooeyness trapping it and eliminating it from the body, it may also eliminate toxins.


Interesting! Are the oats gluten free- have you reduced gluten too? Have you heard good reviews of Enterosgel or know if anyone who takes it. There are several websites that sell it including Amazon so sure you could get it delivered to the US? Good luck x


Hello KatherineM_PBC.

I only use trusted websites myself and it's not many. But I did put your mention of this Enterosgel into Google and it threw up Holland & Barratt that seems to be in most towns and cities in the UK (I have one in town).

I'll pop the link on here plus it might be of interest to others. Personally I'd heed caution with this product given it is sold as a diarrhoea remedy. Not sure if ideal with PBC and taking urso and I'd get an opinion from a doctor beforehand. I am not too sure about the main ingredient, poly something or other myself.



I know what you mean about being cautious but this is not a medicine purely a supplement - it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and passes through the gut. I would think it might be used the same as a probiotic to help gut health. If it can be bought in Boots and Holland and Barratt I wouldn't think it harmful? This is the Drs article I read, although goodness knows who he is lol.



Hello KatherineM_PBC.

No offence but did you read more into the Dr (Arturo M Volpe) whose referred to on the page you posted link? I am not so sure as if you read his background he apparently only took to being a Dr. in 1999. I find the info a bit scant in my mind.

Obviously it is up to individuals to decide for themselves to do or don't regarding certain 'health supplements' but my question would be if one could take this daily as I seem to read it's for temporary use (in the case of the Holland & Barratt posting I linked on here).

Noticed an ingredient that isn't the water is actually a silicone.

I can't seem to find anywhere on UK sites linked to NHS and medicines if this is in use already via prescription as there'd be a patient info leaflet.


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