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Attended TIA on tuesday after nearly drowning in bath.Got a brain of a young person and a very strong heart and it wasnt a stroke But i do have spondylosis.

Received MRI back and although he said there was some degeneration in the neck it was nothing to be concerned about at that point, but if things deteriorated, to go back and see him Thats the problem since the MRI everything got worse,Had vertigo and nauseous for last week and half which i had also had previously just before my 3 monthly injection.Started to take the sub linguals on tues after bloods done Today vertigo pretty much gone ,swelling on neck gone down with using ibubrofen,Back to see my doc this aft

Have organised SI, on the way ,cos before had MRI and had just had 4 injections legs felt light, neck felt better ,What and where to go next.The problem for me is the vertigo, just stops your life ,Cant read or use computer for long .

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  • Hi may61 sorry to read of your accident and I hope you get your balance back soon.

    Do you know what your Folate level is as this needs to be "healthy" in order to process the B12 you are supplementing?

    I wish you well.

  • Have been taking folate most days since I read that you do Feeling a bit better today It's a roller coaster and I'm not the best patient The vertigo gets me but thanks for the support as always

  • How did appointment with the doctor go? Did he check to ensure that there wasn't any ear infection or anything of that ilk going on?

    Good to hear that the sublinguals helped with the vertigo which would point to needing more frequent treatment but getting your GP to recognise that is another matter.

  • After MRI, CAt scan, 2 ultrasound and 4 months of being ill, decided the time has come to look for another doc.During all that time he has only looked at the back of my neck.We discussed it when we left the docs yesterday It was the neurologist who checked my reflexes, which was a bit of a shock when i had none on my right leg, but it explained everything or confirmed everything .In a way i was one of the lucky ones, in that it was picked up early, because my son was concerned, could have gone on for a lot longer.Just have to continue to push.

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