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I posted a month ago re a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia alongside PA and got some great advice and tips from several of you. I've just been to the GP, armed with research papers pointing to B12 easing symptoms ...and the doctor has agreed to read it and consider more frequent B12 jabs yeah!!!! I know its only 'considering' but for a doctor who, up until now, thought the only dosage for B12 was 12 weekly, it's a step forward!

Thanks to all of you who gave the good advice, and links to the research!


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Hi Callo56. That's great news. Well done for persevering.

Keeping fingers crossed that your GP reads and considers in the right direction, and doesn't take too long about it 😀.

So good to read something positive. Let's us know what the outcome is.

Take care X


Thanks Foggyme

This just demonstrates the value of this site - there's always someone there to help, support guide, encourage and advise you!!!



Please let me know how you get on as I only get an injection every 12 weeks and feel I need more. My doctor is of the same opinion as yours.

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Hopefully yet another "one size fits all" GP "educated" - and that will help the next patient who comes along with the same problems. Well done Callo56



Fingers crossed that you get the extra jabs.

I have a fibro diagnosis. I think in my case that it is a symptom of B12 deficiency. When I started to treat myself after requests for B12 fell on deaf ears, my fibro type symptoms improved although did not disappear totally.

The cynic in me thinks that diagnoses of Fibro and ME/CFS are sometimes given when medics are unwilling or unable to carry out further investigations.


Hope your doctor is also keeping an eye on your thyroid function . Symptoms of b12 deficiency and thyroid disease can overlap. There's a very active Thyroid Uk forum on HU.

pernicious-anaemia-society.... Click on symptoms checklist.

Have you ever had a test for Coeliac disease? Having one auto-iimune disease can increase the chances of developing another.

"or a doctor who, up until now, thought the only dosage for B12 was 12 weekly"

B12 Deficiency Neuro Symptoms

If you have B12 deficiency with neurological symptoms in the UK you should get loading injections every 2 days for as long as symptoms continue to get better then injectiosn every 2 months. I gave my GPs a copy of PAS symptoms list with all my symptoms ticked and made sure I added any neuro symptoms not on list ( I had lots).

This info about UK b12 treatment for b12 deficiency with neuro symptoms can be found on

1) page 8 of the BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines. I gave my GP a copy of whole document with relevant bits circled. Page 29 mentions treatment for b12 deficiency with neuro symptoms as well.

2) BNF (British National formulary) Chapter 9 Section 1.2 Your GP will almost certainly have a copy of BNF on their bookshelf so no excuse for not knowing correct B12 treatment.

I am not a medic just a person who has struggled to get a diagnosis.


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