We got our private bloods done (thanks to Blue Horizons the GP now listened to us)! Dad B12 was in 700s but we explained that this was due to use of sublinguals. His folate levels were very low and I guess this is part of the reason that the sublinguals were not having any effect. Will be chasing the hospital today to see that they start him on folic acid supplementation. I am also pressing them to check his adrenal function as his blood pressure is also very low. At least something is being done which is a blessing! Many thanks for all the support we get on this site - you guys are amazing!

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  • Hoping he gets the treatment he needs and gets much better.

  • Hope that h starts to improve soon

  • Best wishes for your dad. Hope he feels better very soon! :-)

  • Update on dad - they have found a 'mass' on dads lung. They are putting all his symptoms down to that and are planning to discharge him! The only thing they conceded to was the folic acid. He is due his 3 monthly b12 in a couple of weeks do hopefully with the folic acid in place he will feel a wee bit brighter. Away to look at reclining chairs and adjustable beds as he and his dog will come to live with us!

  • Thinking of you and your Dad, Sandra.👍

    No doubt he will be delighted to get home from hospital. He will rest and sleep better with you and his dog near hand.

    J 🍀

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