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Iron tablets

Hi guys ..... This week I have been feeling absolutely exhausted Monday and Tuesday I was ok, Wednesday started feeling tired Thursday it felt like I had hit "my wall" all day at work I felt so fatigued and slightly spaced out in my head came home from work a almost went straight to bed. Friday morning was the same and then I started to feel a little better. Woke up this morning feeling back to my old self. Now all week I have been saying to my husband " what's wrong with me why am I so tired" Last night the old light bulb went off. Sunday and Monday I had no iron tablets as I had run out. Could this be the reason? I would be shocked to think missing two days could make me feel so wretched!!

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Thank you for posting that: I know exactly what you mean and it has prompted me to post my own thread about limiting co-factors rather than hijacking yours.

I hope you continue to be better!



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