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New to PA and have lots of questions

Just been diagnosed about a month ago. Doctor has given me one injection and booked me in for May and then wants to retest bloods in July. My symptoms seem mild compared to others on here. Have had IBS issues since teenage and now 39. I told doctor feel aching like glandular fever, grumpy and forgetful like menopause, and fingers and toes feel lie arthritis. Can't seem to concentrate at work on tasks and get not just tired but exhausted, do others feel like this? Sometimes worry if thinking about symptoms linked to PA make you more aware of linking them to condition. Also since injection had spots on hair line and head, never really had spots before, also tingling more in arms and hands, even holding phone to type this arm aches and pins and needles in hand and fingers. What next ? Been to doctors three times he said levels arnt low enough for loading dose he just took more blood to test and said wait till May.

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Rather reads like you should go and find a new Dr, one injections is not going to do much for you. There is no known harm of to much B12, lots of harm known of to little B12, your treatment seems inadequate to me and I would try to get a second opinion.

Get copies of all your blood tests so you know what is meant by not that low, and what has or not been tested. Serum B12 test is not a very accurate test, symptoms count as much, your symptoms seem very B12 related.

Learn as much as you can so you can get involved with your treatment, read up, try these:

And the latest guidance (UK):

From the above guidance you will see further tests are recommended if you fall into the so called grey area with your serum B12. Test such as active B12 and or MMA etc.

I hope this helps,

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Thanks will read these reports.


My doctor did the same as yours. Luckily, when I spoke to another doctor (mine was on holiday) because I still felt awful he said I should of had loading doses then injections for life. Keep fighting and maybe try and see a different doctor. Good luck.


Thanks will do.


Hi, I had to indulge the doc plan to get a proper treatment plan. 1. After a year of monitoring (147-158 B12) I was given 6 injection trial (2 weeks). My blood was monitored every 3-6 months for just over a year. When it got back down to 160 I was allowed a new booster set (6 in 2 weeks) then every 3 months since. Symptoms you list are similar to mine. You do have to keep going back until they start giving you what you need. Good luck.

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Thanks will do.


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