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American Lady Posted about Road Sign Test Comprehension?

A bizarre heading I know, but a while back a lady posted about having a cognitive test done relating to her comprehension of roadsigns and such like.

I know she wasn't from the UK, I think she was in the US - I thought it was NJmommy but I've checked her posts and it isn't.

Is the lady still about - I need to know the name of the test you had done?

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I didn't see the post but I know this test is used by occupational therapists for people after stroke and includes road signs


Thanks for that, SC. It's not that one though - It was more like a comprehension test, rather than general tests which tend to be for recall etc.

You know we have trouble comprehending the simplist of things and I know this lady named the type of test. But I'm stumped if I can find it. Mind you I'm trying to do a dozen things at once so I probably have the answer at my fingertips!!!


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