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hi everyone pleased to meet you all my husband has behcets,just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about the department of work and pensions my husband was medically retired from work last december due to his behcets he put in a claim for ESA and has been placed in the work related activity group feel very sad about this we are currently appealing against this decision and i was wondering if anyone has had any dealing with the DWP themselves many thanks tina

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Hi Tina. My daughter has finally got a diagnosis of Behcets after years of humiliation from health professionals. She has only worked for 2 years up to about 8 years ago. She is in the work related activity group but has struck lucky with her advisor. The lovely lady sends her to the courses which she dutifully attends but never pressurises her to do anything else towards getting work. Being only 27 she wants to work and hopefully now she has a diagnosis she will be lucky and find a treatment regime that will allow this. I know this could take time but at least now there is hope. At the moment though we are still nervous that another Doctor will take the diagnosis away!


There's a lot of discussion on the uk behcets contacts Facebook page about appeals for dip - pip- esa etc....

It's a minefield. I'm still awaiting my assessment for esa, was dismissed from my workplace due to my time off work over the last few yrs in dec.

Might be worth contacting vuk or behcets syndrome society in ref to support for this

Vuk = Vasculitis uk.

Both charities also have a Facebook page, very helpful and supportive

Sorry I can't be of more help

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thank you for your reply i will defo look at the facebook pages i would go and seek legal advice over being dismissed for work did you get a doctors note for the times you were off

take care