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Tips from the Trenches

Tips from the Trenches

I was diagnosed in December, 2008 aged 42.

This is what I have learnt.

Keeping moving at all costs.

Motion creates emotion. When I walk, swim do yoga. I'm winning.

Keep connecting with people.

My wife has created a circle of friends who keep me involved in their lives.

Take naps.

Siestas are good :-)

Don't give in to the Doctors.

They can help you sort out your medication but I have decided to take responsibility for my own health.

Try supplements..or Nutraceuticals *

Our bodies are working harder than most to get through the day. So whatever works. Even a simple multi vitamin can help. Test and measure. Omega 3 fish oils are +ve mood adjusters for me.


Eat better.

More greens, veges, salmon (those omega 3's), less sugar, bread, dairy and processed meats (habits of a lifetime for me to break)

Drink less.

I've stopped drinking all alcohol. Caffeine is next. *yeah right

Drink more.

Clean water that is . We have a juicer which I am using more often.

Read wisely.

Anything positive- currently reading "between a rock and a hard place" (WOW)


or Yoga Nidra are restorative and good for the soul. I love doing that.

Speaking of the soul. Find what is bliss and do it.

For me it's been snow skiing and body surfing (but they won't always be with me). Being near birdsong, writing poetry or simply watching the sunrise always works. Lately I have been learning craniosacral therapy and giving treatments is blissful.

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Thank you Andy... your positive attitude and sharing of your strategies is an inspiration.

I too agree ... be proactive.. search for what works and keep as active as you can with a variety of activities, so that if one becomes a problem you still have others to do.


I find that if I have a active day I am better the next. Have a day working in the office at the desk nd the next day it is harder to get moving.


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