How aware of Parkinson's do you think people in New Zealand are?

Parkinson's UK has released new research indicating that 77% of people in Britain have little or no knowledge of Parkinson’s. Particularly, other than recognising a tremor or shaking as a sign of Parkinson's, few know any of the other tell-tale signs of the condition, like freezing or a fixed facial expression.

Do you think it is better/worse/the same in NZ?

3 Replies

  • about the same, most people only know about the trembling

  • unless of course they know someone with it who can enlighten them

  • my experience is very similar to the others, most people visualise you as a person who shakes in an area of the body.

    They are usually very sympathetic, I have letter from my doctor which I use at passport controls mainly at airports, this quite simply states that I suffer from parkinsons & do shake from time to time.It does help me from being pulled over & having serious baggage checks.The company I work for are very understanding ,but most of the general workforce still have this vision.

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