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CarersAir - new web resource for NZ carers

Carers NZ has launched a new online space for carers in New Zealand – CarersAir. Aimed at family carers, it is a place to watch, listen, read, share, and learn; to feel connected to one another; and to find sources of help.

Carers who join the CarersAir network can choose the topics they are most interested in. Every time they visit the portal, the latest resources about these topics will automatically appear in their CarersAir log-in space so they don’t have to spend time searching. If carers find something they especially like, they can save the video, audio interview, factsheet, article, or music clip as a ‘favourite’ in their private log-in area.

Over time, Carers NZ intends to further develop CarersAir so carers can meet one another for sharing and learning purposes.