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Sleep problems and Parkinson's

The October edition of The Parkinsonian contains a new factsheet on Parkinson's and Sleep which is also available on our website -

Sleep problems are a common challenge for people with Parkinson’s (and their carers). The factsheet outlines the different types of problems that people can experience and offers some information on treatments.

Most sleep problems can be treated effectively. If you find that you are

experiencing poor sleep, talk with your doctor about it because untreated sleep problems make coping with Parkinson’s all the more difficult.

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sleep is so important ,but its the quality of that sleep that is even more important..

I spend most of my time dreaming .. vivid dreams are awful and i wake every time by the feeling of panick..i can recall most of what i have dreamt.. even finer details.. oh to have a 4 hours sleep and wake naturally. I wake with sore cramping feet and my body feels like its been rolled with steam roller.. ive been knowen to act out some of my dreams... (not that ive been awear) .. but this too i understand can be dangerous.. REM sleep disorder they call it.. its very important that you or your partner makes your doctor or specialist aware ..


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