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Type of Parkinson

Hi to all the forum Members, i am new to the forum.

My Stepfather who is a young 80yr old had a CT Scan 3 yrs ago for

Parkinson as he has had a type of tremor in arm for many years .

The Scan did find a lower amount of Dopermine in the brain

and the Consultant said it was under the umbrella of Parkinsons

but not actually conclusive of Parkinsons but the Consultant did

want him to take the very strong medication.He took it for a couple of days and

became like a zombie, no energy depressed and not very active

and also he would of had to given up driving, and is a good driver.

I decided to contact the Consultant who agreed to him stop taking the medication.

I wanted to ask ,it's now 3 yrs on and he still has the tremor but no gait in walking

but i have noticed behaviour has become obsessive with cleaning and rigid routine hoovering and annoyed if he cant stick to his routine is this related the Consultants findings of dopermine deficit or in a type of Parkinsons,

Or just old age?He certainly has done better not taking the medication.

Just a thought would this be anything to do with less dopermine in the brain

Help on this would be very helpful.

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