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Newbee say hello and need advices

Hi everyone! I'm new here, I was diagnosed in 2009, and I'm living overseas so I have neurologist taking care of me. I contacted LCT global regarding NTCELL treatment, they said

the treatment should be available when provisional consent is obtained at end of 2017. I decided to try this treatment. As my neurologist is not in NZ. I believe he is not eligible to refer me to take this treatment. He even don't know anything about NTCELL. I can't get contact to my family doctor in NZ as I live in overseas for a long time. Any advices for my case? Btw, I need more friends in NZ, so we can chat and discuss more about PD stuff. I'm 49 years old male living in Hong Kong.

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Maybe you should just participate in the upcoming trial(?). Here's the link to NTCELL study (currently seeking participants) with eligibility requirements:


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I do not meet the criteria to participate in the trial. Btw, do I need a NZ neurologist refer me to take this treatment when it is available? Can I contact any neurologist directly without refer by family physician?


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