Unraveling spagetti :: symptoms, side effects, middle age or flu?

So here we are we made it 2012 survived the parties or the quiet night in being kissed by strangers and forgetting the words to Auld Lang something. Understanding what is happening to your body is pretty important from a treatment and lifestyle point of view. For me as long as it doesn't become a focus or obsession that gets in the way of living. But it makes good sense to be able to articulate or describe what the heck is going on as best you can. Sometimes it can be impossible to truly know the cause and effect but in the early days I kept a chart to get my head around it. Now I don't as I have come to realise that the most important thing for me is making sure my healthcare team are treating the right patient not one they think I am. What I mean is this it would be easy to assume that walking is my biggest issue as it can be poor. Yes it is a strong symptom but I can deal with that, I am much more affected by loss of mental challenges such as lack of concentration which stops me reading. But unless I told you this you would assume otherwise. So whilst you try to keep on top of the subtleties make sure you really know what impacts your ability to max your life, it may not be what is obvious or b) what is being treated.

Peace, joy and love today to all

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  • Lack of concentration? You sure write well!

  • I totally agree with this comment. I have trouble remembering that I went into a room to get!

  • Oh yes. So do I. Can't remember why I went across the room. Short term memory is bad. Mind is sort of messed up. Hard, sometimes. to carry on a conversation as can't think of the words. You know what you want to say, but words just don't come.

  • I agree loss of short term memory is a pain. I get really frustrated when I cannot remember the word I am looking for. It seems the more you try to think the less likely you are to come up with an answer and then suddenly there it is. Until the next time. But still we soldier on. Never give up.

  • I couldn't think of Chris Mathews name when I saw him on TV, and I watch him every night. I do think it is surprising, and a little upsetting when you can't carry on a conversation.

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