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surveys on PD and dissability

Does anyone else get these surveys to fill in on behalf of Sense-park?

I got the first part some weeks ago which I believe was to help the Government in getting best care etc to disabled people in the home environment.

Talking of empowering patients in their own homes.

I have never read such twaddle in all my life.

I just wonder who writes them?

I certainly do not think it is anyone who suffers a disability and copes at home on a daily basis doing tasks they jolly well have to whether they can manage or not.

Perhaps it is me who does not live in the real world.

Or, am i missing out on things that other folks are getting?

In real down to earth reality terms I believe most PD sufferers and disabled folks just cope as best they can on a day to day basis.

That is all we can hope for.

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I just got another one from them too and gave up half way through, it was asking questions that made no sense and therefore impossible to answer, who on earth writes these things.


Another wad of taxpayers money spent to find useless info? I was denied disability on my first submission and am waiting on my second go around. If that doesn't work I am going the attorney route. Anyone have any suggestions?


Just curious: can you give us an example?

Here in the U.S. I know a blind couple who had to go back to some office every year so they can prove they are STILL BLIND! (wtf) >-(


that's supposed to be a frowny face :)


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