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It pays to price check prescription costs!! This website is a wonderful help!!

For anyone who is dependent on daily prescription medications, it really does pay to do your research. Each time Chris is given a new prescription or our insurance changes, I take on the task of calling and price checking at each pharmacy in our area.

The last time our insurance changed and we suddenly had to start paying full price, out of pocket for prescriptions, the medicine that Chris takes for Parkinson's (Requip) would have cost us over $200 a month if we would have stayed with CVS. After calling around and signing a form to join the Costco Discount Pharmacy Club (no cost, we were already members too) we were able to get Requip there for just **$12.00 a month.**

Chris recently sampled a new prescription, Amantadine, and we are really happy with the way he has reacted to it, but then we cringed because when price checked at Costco, it would have been $149 a month!! Ugh!! So I again, did my price checking.

I discovered this website, goodrx.com/ and plugged in the prescription name, dosage and quantity. It generated a list of my local pharmacies, complete with their drug pricing, phone number, hours and a printable coupon for the prescription. I didn't consider the coupon at first but was happy to find the pharmacy info was all accurate. I did still call each pharmacy and was told the out of pocket cost, per month, so I could figure out who had the lowest price. Prices ranged from $109 a month @ CVS to $193 a month @ BiLo. (Remember Costco's price had been $149 a month)

So I figured what the hell, let me check out this coupon and hit print. It was a very generic looking coupon, but the instructions on it were well written and it looked authentic. The coupon stated our discounted price would be $42.86 for a month. So away to CVS I went, coupon in hand.

I asked the pharmacist if we were to transfer Chris' Amantadine prescription to CVS, would they honor that coupon. The very nice pharmacy lady put it all into the computer and said, "Yes, that coupon will work, it'll be $42.86 per month. And I'll call to transfer your prescription for you....when would you like to pick it up?".

Yayyyyy!! So we saved over $100 off what the price would have been at Costco and then thanks to my snazzy home printed coupon, saved an additional $66 off of CVS's original quoted price. There is no date printed on the coupon and you don't need to sign up for anything to print a coupon.

Please share this information with anyone you know that is struggling (or shocked) with prescription costs.

From a loving Parkinson's caregiver,


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hi i cannto begin to understand as all scrip costs are free in the Uk

It msu tbe a massiv epart fo yoru budget and time to hav e to do this

i honour you

i have psp - no ,meds for it and therefore no side effects

lol JIll



It must be such a headache having to try to find good deals on your anti PD drugs

I Hope all goes well for you.


it is indeed. I am fortunate to have medical insurance that takes up the slack. I pay $10 a scrip for generic and $20 for non-generic. It still adds up.


I'm curious on the difference in the UK system and the US copay system with prescriptions. My copay for my meds is $60 per month. Without insurance it's over $1,000 a month. I understand there is no cost for the meds in the UK. How do the meds get paid? Are meds readily available? Is there a monthly premium or some type of health tax that pays for health care? My curiosity is not intended to debate which system is better . I would like a better understanding of the UK health system.

Thank you .


I am curios and interested in a better understanding of the UK health system too. I would appreciate sharing what you find out. I applied for ss disability and am waiting on that but in the meantime the cost of prescriptions is killing me Thank you.


I take 11 different meds for diffent things as well ofr PD. My insuance plan pays 80% for all of them.


For now while I can still work my out of pocket is $10 per. But when that changes I dred the thought of what out of pocket. Good find and thank you


True enough! It does add up quickly especially when you got into the GAP. We hardly make it when I go in the gap. Parkinson's cost me my employment and now I am without

employment due to Parkinson's therefore, we live on Social Security. I am glad for that

be it ever so small. RX's vary here where I live like anyplace else I suppose. I just got

a high dollar RX...over $30. Didn't buy it but went to any drug store and it was hundred

less. Went to CVS, Walgreens, Costco...One drug at Costco was over $100. at the

drug store it was $8 and the othed drug store was $10. I never know unless I call them.

The Neurologist put me on two new meds. I have taken two so far.

Best wishes,



Thank you very much for info. I am in the gap. I saved $60 on Amantadine with coupon.

For Neupro users go to Neupro.com for discount card. My cost w/card $15

For Azilect users go to Azilect.com for discount card. My cost w/card do not know yet.


every time it's time to fill a prescription I stress "where's the money going to come from?" thanks for heading me in the direction of goodrx.com/. through comparing prices I came to rxsolution.com. they deal directly with the manufacture and helped me get a program that I can deal with. I'll let you know how well it goes .


In scotland its free. The problem is getting the meds right.


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