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Parkinson's Movement
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Anyone been told they have PIGD a subtype of Parkinson's?

I am currently seeing a new doctor who is a movement disorder specialist. After six years and five neurologists I finally feel like I'm with someone who understands this disease. During my first visit she said that I have a subtype of Parkinson's known as postural instability and gait disorder. I find it difficult to understand why none of the other doctors ever mentioned this. Is anyone else received this diagnosis? Any information you can share with be greatly appreciated.


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Congrats on seeing a MDS. PD has got to be a dx that many doc's find very difficult to manage. It requires a special interest for a Doc to deal with the varieties of symptoms and limited resources that are the realities of PD management. You'r postural instability and gait disorders are standard issue. Almost all of us have these symptoms to various degrees plus more...


I've been told I have pure akinesia gait freezing. Is this the same thing? By the way I don't have a tremor.


I haven't been told such, but that's what I have. No tremor, but 5 times a day I turn into the tin woman!


My friend has just been told she hasn't got Parkinsons is ATAXIA . . the only difference is the names they use . We all seem to belong to the same Club i.


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