I feel like I am getting weaker and weaker, anyone else feel this?

In my daily activities I feel like I am losing strenght, I love to do cabinet making but I find that even just holding a cordless drill up is almost too much. I stay pretty active during the day, keeping active keeps me from noticing the leg and foot cramps, but sometimes walking seems almost to much, like trying to run in a swimming pool.

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  • I do. There are days when just the thought of showering, dressing, or preparing a meal will exhaust me. I would rather burrow myself a little deeper into the couch and be pampered! Perhaps it's the medication?

  • I am also getting weaker, losing weight, too. I have lost about 25 lbs over the last year. I put this down to loss of muscle tone as a result of lack of exercise due to scoliosis/arthritis.

    The link with medication seems to be that muscles fail to work properly when we are on down time between doses, thus feeling weaker.

  • good Morning; I have had this complant for the last year. I am 62 and was always active, at one time running two companies. Today it takes all just to minor things.

    Best of luck in your fight.



  • Although we all appreciate the need for cheer-leading the simple fact is we have a chronic progressive neuro disease.

    I am 5 9 and now weigh 140 lbs. Normal was 175. It's all muscle loss. As the upper motor neuron circuitry declines there is a downstream loss of lower motor neurons and their subsequent muscle fiber network... the motor units. Hence the need to perform strengthening exercises. This needs to be done judicially as to prevent injuries to the weakening state, otherwise the risk for tendonitis can be exacerbated... more pain.

    At 64 I feel that I am aging a year for every month or so in almost all aspects... mental, physical, emotional. I'm holding on to spiritual, sexual and most importantly humor.

  • I like what you write. Thanks, ~~Dennis

  • There must be many of us who feel the same loss and live with the same conditions.

    olpilot, it seems I feel the same as you do and the others who responded. I have gone

    from 180 to 118 since parkinson's. I am getting weaker and weaker it seems by the

    day. Just now beginning to loose my balance and the other factors that go with this

    disease. I am presently in Arizona seeing several neurologist with advanced knowledge

    of this disease. I find little relief but holding on to the spiritual part of my life...

    Best to you all. ~~Dennis

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  • The combination of poor sleep, I get maybe 4 hours a night, and the just plain getting weaker really takes a toll on me, and I guess most of us. I spend most of my day working in my wood shop, and do fairly well, stay active and would have thought that would help, but it seems I'm like a battery that just won't take a charge anymore. When the day is over I'm just beat but when I get to bed I just don't sleep, like so many of us. I'm 61 but sure feel older at times. I've lost 40 lbs in 4 monthes, seems to have leveled of for a while. Oh well what do ya do, just keep on keeping on.

  • I hope that each of you looks at the Pedaling for Parkinson's website.At 67 I'm stronger now than when I was diagnosed over 5 years ago. I pedal at a high cadence nearly every day.

  • I try to keep as active as possible. but my long walks are now out of the question. I still enjoy cabinet work myself and antique restoration.

    It gets harder, but it is a good form of therapy. I am going to start some new Projects in the next few weeks, I think the thought of it all just keeps me going.

    The main thing is not to have pressure or stress it just destroys your well being.

  • Hello to my friends in the US.

    I am 69 in July and was diagnosed 11 years ago. Until last year, when I had two cataract ops I attended posture and stretching classes, aqua-aerobics classes and went to the gym 3 times a week doing weights. The effect of these exercises was phenomenal and I strongly believe it was holding the disease at bay (it was hard going doing the weights at times but we have a saying which is the motto of our Special Air Services (SAS) regiment - Who Dares Wins)

    I still go to Stretching posture classes, aqua-aerobics and Circuit Training classes and next week am starting on my exercise bike and The Tar Wheels Workout which is a cutting edge routine from the University of North Carolina's basketball training handbook. It has been recommended by my Neuro- Physiotherapist. It is an intense set of 10 exercises using a Medicine Ball (start with a 6 pound progressing to a 10 pound) and I intend to perform it every two days - which will be hard - and use the money I save on the gym to a) buy the balls and b) have some fun

    Exercise is King (or maybe President?) believe me and you are never to old or weak to start

    Good luck and Health to us all

  • i agree 200% exercise is the bomb any way you do. i'm so fortunate my neurologist started classes at the local JCC gymnasium. I'm taking dance, walking (treadmill until weather improves), NIA and Alexander technique. Also go to meetings, walk, housework, and dance whenever meds kick in. :D

  • PatV, could you tell me what you mean regarding "NIA" and "Alexander" techniques? I am always interested in new forms of exercise. My well-known neurologist is unfortunately one of those "take more meds and I'll see you in six months" guys so I'm on my own trying to come up with work out methods. I have started intensive work on the spin bike and weight lifting with good results but variety would be a great motivator.

  • "NIA is Neuromuscular Integrative Action, a combination of dance, martial arts and healing arts". I can never remember, I have to look it up. It's fun and no judgment, kind of like a party where we are all tricked into moving all our joints. Alexander Technique was invented by an actor. "The Alexander technique aims to teach people how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension during their everyday activities. It is an educational process rather than a relaxation technique or form of exercise. The Alexander technique has been shown to be helpful for back pain and Parkinson's." from Wikipedia. Sounds like you have a good program. The important thing is to have fun, something to look forward to. Also breathe and move your spine!

  • i want so much to get into the jcc aquatics for pd class.

  • You will lose weight if you are not digesting food properly. Read gudrun jonnson. I agree about exercise. But we also need to nurture our nervous systems, meditation, yoga , qi gong..i feel much better with that . I hold onto the belief i am getting better...healthy veggie diet positive thinking. I go along with howard schryke who recovered naturally.

    We all have mental and physical ups and downs..talk to anyone. Its up to us.

  • i too had been geting weaker for over a yr. I decided to retire at the end of 2012, so made arrangments fot my partner to buy me out. in dec i on my own reduced my medications from 4x daily to once daily. Now i feel great and am sorry about the retirement. we probably need to get the drs to do a better job of discussing our illiness, with us instead of just increasing med and saying see me in six months. I would advise you to talk to your dr about your concerns and insisting he/she listens and responds to your concerns. Don't reduce your meds without talking to dr.

  • i've lost 40 lbs in 1 year. and muscle weight for sure. i was down to 101 lbs, but now i'm flirting with 109 lbs. i have been making a choc. shake and drinking it every day. my muscles seem to be coming back. and my skin doesn't hang as much. my husband went to the health food store, and bought a choc powder called "serious mass". with that i use carnation essentials, lots of vitamins . 1 pkg. 4 ice cubes in a blender. when crushed i add 1 cup of milk and the two powders, when that is well mixed i add two to 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. it make a 20 ounce glass full. and i would swear by it. for the cramping i take trazodone, prescription. to relax my muscles. at night. it's working so far. i think 1 1/2 tabs of trazodone would be better. its 'usually during the night the cramps are worse. it he;ps a lot even for sleeping. talk to your doctor. my before bed time cocktail is one tylenol PM . and 1 trazodone, and 1 valium. . and i sleep all night except for a trip or two to the bathroom.

  • Yes, ESP,since the trauma and stress of dBS . After trying on my own without success or at leasrt I did not think i was getting better I contacted an exercise physiologist . After a couple of visits, she suggested a BOSU (both sides up). It works on your core. DomNOT start this regimen unless you are working with a personal trainer or the like because it could be dangerous of you have balance issues. But it has helped me a lot. I do aboutj 20min ,....sometimes more daily. And vary the exercises I do.. research On Internet and if you have more questions let me know By the way. I was diagnosed more Han 16 years ago and I am 70. But have always worked out

  • i was an early exercise instructor for 12 years before it was so commonplace. i'm 80. after leaving that job i always did some exercise. after pd diagnosis i was taking ballet for balance, yoga, body awareness and pilates. i got where i was unable to do the standing classes longer than 15-20 minutes. pilates is okay since many are done on the floor. the problem is walking, life etc require standing. i have difficulty holding up the top of my body. any suggestions?

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