Parkinson's Movement

There are no PD heroes

It is often said that someone heroically fought their disease but in reality there are no heroes; just people who make the decision to fight their disease or accept it.

When humans are presented with danger, there are two responses; fight or flight. These responses also apply to how we address PD. Some choose flight and just accept that the disease will run it's course. They accept whatever comes.They choose passive roles in their medical care. They ask "Why me?" and feel powerless. Others choose fight and ask "Why anyone?". They take an active role in their care. They exercise even when it hurts. They try new therapies and read every thing they can find about the disease.

The strange thing is neither response is wrong. Just as there are no PD heroes there are also no PD cowards. There are just people dealing with their disease in the way that seems right to them. However you choose to address PD is the right way for you.

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Positive thinking is the key to conquer PD :)


Nicely said. So true


I agree 150%


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