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I hope to be friends

I hope to always be, friends forever you and me

Because you want to be around me,

no matter what you see.

A true friend holds you in their heart

like a wounded dove

protecting you, wings folded and

giving fate a shove.

When I get down, I know you're there,

if only in my thoughts,

I feel your strength to move ahead,

sad days I have fought.

I see you as a beacon of smiles, comfort

and always laughter.

I love you today, I love you tomorrow,

and into the ever after.

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a mor epositiive epoem!

i think you r very depressed and nee dot see a doctor about some anti-depressants

i have beenon differnet ones for over 30 years now and they def help

my probelms is i haE PSP -




hi i posted b4 finishing the above

i have PSP- NO meds to take fo rit but i am sitll here and upright mmost fo the tiem

the anxiety is also a probelm for me

where r u based?

your poetry si good if a littel difficult ot bear!

lol jill





This is wonderful and speaks truth to me. Thank you for sharing your truth.


Yes thanks for sharing it struck a cord with me and I passed it on to a specials friend x


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