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On the Road with Pd

One of my top priorities since finding out I had Parkinson has been keeping me ‘on the road’ so to speak to continue to do as much as I’m able to stay active and encourage others to do the same. Of course my road activity has had to change to accommodate my disability but keeping my mind and body busy is fuel to the spirit.

As my disease progresses and my handwriting becomes more illegible even to me and I scratch my head in bewilderment as I try to decipher what I’ve written. I then moved on to become computer literate and used the key board as an exercise for my fingers


There always the optimistic hope that a cure will be around. Bur realistically I will be fighting this for years to come. So dealing with the emotional side of having Parkinson is something I need to face


The search for others with PD has led me to a support group where I met others with dewed all learned a most important lesson that we are not alone in this. Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another what you too? Thought I was the only one.

Through the support group I have met so many wonderful people Aim blessed with new friends a sense of being needed and a feeling of having a whole new family of loving individuals

Pd has made changes in my life it has also helped me overcome problems by asking for help when I needed it. can avail myself of many health professionals doctors physical therapist, when I need some to talk about my fears, counseling with a psychologist has been enormously helpful

It isn’t necessary to allow PD to take over and change your life completely. If you enjoy doing something look for ways to continue. Don’t expect impossible but look for that which remains possible

I suppose we are comrades in adversity. It makes the whole experiences somewhat bearable to see others who are more seriously affected that me continuing to live their lives and not feel sorry or themselves but to fight their illness with dignity and inner strength

One more valuable piece of advice is to hang on to your sense of humor you are going to need it. Keeping our spirits and our eyes open for what lies ahead can help aloof us on the road withP D Im convinced that there is an answer down the road. Who Knows May be just around the next bend

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"Comrades in adversity"--I like that. I picture us in the bush of the jungle, hacking away with a machete and blowing bubbles with bubblegum at the same time, just for a little humor! Thanks, Ronald! What you have written makes a lot of sense and is very optimistic.


totally agree oeggyxx


Thanks peggy and mazpar

To give onself,to leave this world a bit better,to know even one life has breathed easier because we have lived,to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exulation ,to have loved much


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