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Thanks to those who read my blogg, I try the breathing exercises but must try harda. I'll let you all know how I get on. To jillanf6, I try to think positive, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I think what , how, when etc depends on the grade of Parkies. Although I have had Parkies,9 yrs, diagnosed 2003, + a couple of years earlier, I put myself inbetween grades 1+2.

I try not to let it affect me too much, but sometimes when I am "shaking all over" I get irritated, frustrated, angry, bawl(cry) att myself. Doesn't help, just makes it worse. So my new phylosophy(can't spell either) is, make the most of the good days, don't let them slide by. Keep in touch

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hi aussie

i have PSP a rare type of parkinsons -no meds and therefor eno side effects oto tkae for it

liei peter jones in australia i htink i have the slow sort as 2 year son from diagnossi i am sitll here

lol JIll



Hi, Which country do you come from. I am familiar with PSP. I am on the state/län (asit's called in Sweden) Parkinson commitee, also a registered nurse. PSP hasn't the best prognois in the world. Have you support of anyone? Keep in touch, maybe ther's some way in which I can help.


i liv ein the UK

I hav eth esupport of th ePSPassoc in thE UK and shall sned you my email address by messsage1

thamnks for ur kind thoughts!

lol JILL



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