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I've been told that I need surgery on my spine in the New Year. That's OK. If it will relieve the pain that I have been in for so long, I can go with that. What does worry me is whether I get my medication on time. I don't know how long the operation will take. It is fairly complicated, I believe. I've read one or two horror stories relating to this, and the possibility of my mental faculties being messed up because of failure in getting my meds does make me a little nervous.

Any ideas, or reassurance anyone?

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  • Good Morning; At our PD group we have talked about this because in Florida there is a problem. What we are doing is to make sure you have a family member or friend with you at all time with your med list and times. Also go to Parkinson' and have them send you a hospital kit they are free.

    Good Luck


  • I'm fixen to get a new knee tomorrow i ordered a kit to take with me for my meds it is free and u get it from national pd association

  • The NPF hospitalization kit is great. I had it in June when I had a heart attack and 4-vessel bypass and it served me well. Do not go into the hospital without it.

  • I've ha surgery twice. From my experience communicate with your doctor, anesthesiologist, the hospital pharmacist. . Make nurses on each shift have instructions. Have your doctor talk to your neurologist.My first surgery, I stayed in the, hospital twice as long, 2 weeks rehab (in-patient) and 2 monhs phy therapy at home. All because of getting off schedule with my meds.You have to have written info and aalso verbal commuication. It also helps to keep meds in your room. Going to a good hospital helps. I also had the kit the first time. It was hepful to me. But I had to make sure my doctor uderstoood. You should be able to take your meds before surgery, and when you wake up. Talk to your Dr. I missed one dose, but was ok. The second surgery went very well. I was out on schedule and had a speedy recovery, with no phy therapy.

  • i had hernia opp last yr without meds for 24 hrs.... had to stay in hospital till my meds kicked in again as i was so stiff i cudnt get out of bed to the tiolet even and when nurses put me back in bed i cudnt even pull myself up into comfortable position .resulting in extra work for the poor nurses who are already over worked . this yr i had another opperation and this time i got a letter from my neurologist stating i was to hav my meds on time and they left them to me and i took them every 2 and half hrs as i do in the recovery room when i came round i was due meds and they went to my locker and brought them to me to take , i was home after lunch time the day after my opp and it was a much better exoerience . if they are made aware that u will need more assistance without meds and having the neurologist letter it should help . i hope my experience helps ease ur worries esrob and all the best x

  • I had same experience with my hernia. I called my neurologist and he called resident. Got to administer my own meds after first day --since it was an emergency I did not have my hospital kit with me.

  • Thanks for all your responses. I appreciate all the advice and helpful suggestions. Happy Christmas, everybody.

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