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Something wrong?


Something is wrong

Something is wrong with me

I got a disease, Laughing Out Loud, I got a disease


Today the air is somehow crisper, the song is surely sweeter

Sunlight slices the doom and gloom sellers

Down underground where they belong

I’m coming home to you

Your smile more inviting, the day more exciting

Yeah I do wish I* was you

For all you beauty, living your love

All your joy, loving your living

So I’ll hide in here

A lamb in wolves clothing

And practice until I’m a perfect imitation of you

You, who thinks you are so small

But you’ve got Soul enough to carry us

Through the worry and fire of defeat

With Peace for all of us

I will sleep on weakness and wake refreshed

It’s just how I feel

Something is wrong, wrong with me

Laughing at this disease

3 Replies

i dont realLy ge tit but it si a good poem

lol JILL



I think Poetry can so often be so personal to that person alone.

The only way in life with most things is to squarely look up at it and laugh.


Marvellous. Yes very personal but lots in it too. Thanks for sharing here.


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