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did anyone else see the katie show yesterday with michael j fox? he walked out okay, but the whole time he was sitting there he appeared to have real bad dyskenesia. he was moving around alot. i thoght he was doing better. i heard when he was on the grammy's he looked great and could hardly tell he had pd, but then yesterday's interview with katie he seemed to not be doing so well.... perhaps just a bad day for him.

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  • I caught a clip of it on Facebook, he looked ok but I agree I reckon he was having a bad day

  • I agree Andy. Everyone knows we have everything from bad minutes and hours to bad days.

  • Thanks guys, that's what i figured...i just wanted to get a lil input. I was really having high hopes for him I guess I was expecting to see a drastic change because he said in an interview he started taking new medcation to control his dyskisineia which is allowing him to go back to work. I do to have some pretty bad dyskisineia and was hoping i could see how well he was doing that I could talk to my doc. and try a new med. But, I guess he is going to still have some pretty bad days. like all of us. Bless his heart!

  • I've noticed Michael stting on his hands to control his Dyxkinesea before. In that interview he went from really noticeable dyskinesea to almost none. I think that he is trying to reduce his dependence on Sinemet..

  • When was the interview so I and others can see it on You Tube?

  • The interview was Wednesday on Katie Couric's new show. His meds may not have kicked in yet at the start of the interview. If I remember correctly, he was always squirmy.

  • Oh- we saw him speak at SUNY at Buffalo Speaker Series last year. He popped some meds about half way through his speech and his dyskinesia improved dramatically.

  • Bless his heart. He looked tired to me. What a demanding schedule he must have. I am sure glad he is on our team :) !.

  • He`s just accepted my friend request on Facebook.....how cool is that? :-) If anyone wants to find me on facebook I`m on as Andy Clegg and my profile pic is same as on here

  • VERY cool!

  • I'm not surprised . Sometimes I feel just fine, my leg is not trying to run away without me, and I'll open my mouth to speak, and, New Yorker that I've become, I'm not just talking with my hands but waving my arms and swaying violently from side to side. :D

  • Yes I did watch him too... he was squirmy and his speech a lil difficult to understand...but yes hats off to all that he is doing for us .... he is definitely my hero

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