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I can't sleep more than 4 hours every night.Some nights I don't sleep at all. When I do sleep I have these vivid violent dreams. I feel asleep on the couch last night, and when I woke up I was on my knees next to the couch and my hands were positioned like I was choking someone. My partner told me that I started talking in my sleep, saying why are you doing that. My arms started moving around, then I flipped off the couch onto my knees ( one of my knees has been replaced) and I was choking the air. I don't remember any of the dream except the choking part. I remember I flipped someone? and I was choking them. Why ?

My Dr gave me clonazepam 0.5 mg for sleep. clearly it's not working.It's 8AM now and I've awake since my fight on the couch @ 11PM.

I am going to take some clonazepam right now. I hope that I can a couple of hours sleep.I need to study for a biology test tomorrow.

Hopefully I won't dream ..and in this corner

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I, too, am tired and only sleep for short periods, However, I don't have the problems you mention. How frightening for both you and your partnet. Could it be a reaction to your meds? I do dream a lot and also occasionally talk in my sleep and am so tired and long for a good night's sleep. My Dr has given me Sinemet CR in addition to my other meds, but does not seem to be doing much good. I feel for you.


I do think it is a side effect of the drugs. I am on Neupro patches and Madopar and I presume these drugs must have very powerful mind altering propensities not at all pleasant.

I do get awful nightmares occasionally and very strange sexual thoughts.

In fact I am thinking of stopping medications altogether, because I believe they are actually creating more problems than the Parkinsons itself.

swollen & painful joints, low Vit D levels in the blood. and of course all the doctors do is give you more medication to counteract it which creates a vicious circle.

I think in the end I am sad to say all we are doing is poisoning ourselves.


We need sleep for obvious reasons,and I often wonder why then dont we sleep.I am exhausted by the end of the day and think oh boy i'm going to sleep good tonight,WRONG.

My primary doctor believes I do not sleep because of all the pain I have.I have tried everything,and have come to the conclusion that the side effects are worse than not sleeping.

I stay away from caffeine after 3pm and that helps,and after days of not getting enough sleep I will take an Ativan,a prescribed med similar to Xanax,and it helps.We all share the same illness but are all different,and what works for one might not work for another.Thank God there are so many things to choose from,we have to find one that works for each of us.Good luck and I hope I helped you some. :)


I, too, was a poor sleeper. a) I wasn't sleeping well (PD, meds, habits), so b) I assumed I couldn't sleep, and c) To top it off, I denied sleep to try to have more time to get things done. I agreed to a sleep therapy program that included convincing me that I could sleep, improving my sleep habits, and a regimented sleep conditioning schedule. I now average 6.5-7.0 hours per night and am looking forward to more. Also, you might find the techniques explained at helpful. I have often found that "I will see it when I believe it." Don't give up.


I wake about very 2 hours all night, I start out with Ambien and go right t sleep. Then I wake up and just lay there, finaly go back to sleep, wake about 3:30 in pain and restless leg, take a pain pill and a requip which sometimes help. I had some Clonazapam left over from eailier, so occasioally take 1mg, then I really do go back to sleep for another 4 hours, then it's time for reg meds and the day restarts................


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