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Want to contact want2help

I tried to email want2help last night but couldn't as he's been blocked. I was genuinely interested in what he had to say. I understand the work he does to a certain extent. If anyone can privately send me his details please do. By the way I'm not gullible, I can spot a scam a mile off!

Maybe you should look up Bruce Lipton who he referenced and learn something new. He is very well respected and a biologist.


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Bruce Harold Lipton (born 21 October 1944 (age 67)) is an American developmental biologist, who is best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs.[1] He teaches at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.[2]

Could contact him through college


I am not trying to contact Bruce Lipton, he is way too famous, successful and busy to talk to me!


It's OK, I've found him...


I don't think want2help should have been blocked He was only giving an opinion and his idea. So far as I could see he was not trying to scam anyone, and anyone who wishes to contact him or his foundation only have to look on the net anyway.

I will not be contacting as I live in the UK and not particularly interested in anycase. but it seems freedom of speech nowadays is so often frowned upon, and if one does not like a persons idea they get blocked. Shame on you moderators, you can block me for saying it if you wish.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be, and led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Said by the most Famous American President ''George Washington''.


As I understand things want2help was not blocked because of his opinion but because he broke the rules of this forum.


Well stated oldtyke!



''Where users post third party information, such as information on new treatments, you are asked to provide references and links wherever relevant and possible''. ( Extract from the rules)

I have read about lots of new treatments which all seem to be medically induced, that does not mean to say they are any good or a promise of a cure. (just research good or bad)

If I said I have a cure for Parkinsons i.e . send me ten pounds I will by return post send details.

''Stand on your head and whistle Dixie'' and it will go away I would want to tell all my fellow sufferers that it works. (It might for me but not for you)

Surely this chap was within the rules as far as I can see, he was not directly asking for money unless I am missing something..

Apparently also the moderators do not have to give a reason for blocking anyone or anything. now that is not democratic!

I think we should all be adult enough to be able to think for ourselves.

We might have PD but we are not daft.

my kindest regards and best wishes to all.


I strongly disagree. He WAS selling something.


What was he selling exactly?


A book I recall and also he posted a lot of unwanted and annoying advice, to my post, at any rate!


The rules clearly state the site is not for promoting a business. His link was to a business.

Non-commercial use by members

The site is for the use of individuals for non-commercial purposes only. Companies, organizations, or businesses may not become members and should not use the site without express permission.


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