Wish the pain would stop

Good morning fellow Parkies, I have been in pain for months now and wish it would just stop! I went to physical therapy and I am continuing it at home,to expensive to do it there.I work 4 days a week and try to be active and remain positive,but this is getting on my last nerve. I try to sleep in,but the pain wakes me up.I get out of bed so Bill can sleep.At least one of us can get some rest.He takes good care of me dont know what I'd do without his love and support.

I am really not sure if the pain is from PD or if its just sciatica pain,its a real pain in the butt,literally.It hurts more when i sit,so i find myself standing and walking in circles alot.Then people start with here have a seat,no I dont want to sit,leave me alone is what I want to scream!!!!!!!! Pain pain go away,please dont come back another day.Thanks for letting me vent.I am going to try and have a good day,hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)

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  • Good morning from Florida; I too have alot of pain in lower back as well in my neck, I had a person on this site sujest Take 2 50mg of ultram, and I have found this works great.

    Sorry for the spelling I continue to get worse trying to spell as well work with numbers.

    Best Wishes;


  • To Eric:

    Have you tried Extended Release Ultram 100mg or 200mg?

    Less pills to take with longer lasting pain relief benefits than 2 regular Ultram 50mg.

    For those with swallowing difficulties - less pills is nice.

    Carry on strong.

  • Annie, I can relate totally to the issue of pain----had back surgery in 1988 but still bothered by spasms and sciatic pain. Have OA in b oth knees, bad feet which PD has made worse, generalized aching everywhere-----------is it the PD or is it R/T normal aging.? While retired I stay active as inactivity makes it worse and I can't remember the last time I slept thru the night. Mornings are usually the best time of day to get things accomplished but then I tend to overdo on the 'good' days and learning to balance myself is an ongoing battle I have with myself on a daily basis. So I guess my purpose here is to tell you that you are not alone---I try to stay on schedule with my sinement and take OTC anti-inflammatories when I can't tolerate the discomfort any longer. Oh I can relate to being offered a seat when you are trying to walk-off the pain-----my usual response is 'Thank you but when I sit it also means I have to get back up & then I start hurting all over again!!" Hope you have a good day. Gail

  • PD pain seems to be one of life's imponderables. After 8 yrs dx I finally got to screaming point at consultant clinic. He sent me straaight to X ray where I had 6 pictures at the main pain centres from the waist down. All OK - pain just as bad. When it's really, really bad I can't go out. When it's tolerable I may go for a bar meal or to see friends locally. If it starts to play up I get up & take a short walk - go to a quiet place & do exercises & stretch- then try to sit but fidget & keep getting up & down making the entire place uncomfortable. Nothing has touched it since Disipal (Orphenadrine) which I had to give up due to other side-effects. My social life is shrinking, the pain isn't BUT I'm in a clinical stem cell transplant trial so I guess there'a always hope.

  • I am not sure if this will help but try paintoolkit.org

    Kindest C x

  • Thank you everyone for the advice and kind words,it really does help. :)

  • I had sciatic pain for about 6 months. It was the worst pain that I've ever had. You can't sit or stand. I'm so sorry. Have you ever tried going to a Chiropractor? I went to a light touch one and the pain went way. Prayer for relief helped too.

  • Back pain can be caused by constipation -- poop pressing on tissue near nerves. Chiropractic may help, too. Can be sacroiliac needs adjusting.

  • I totally agree. Constipation can be the culprit as well as the sciatica nerve. Hubby had problems and went to chiropractor and found relief and has had no further problems with back. Goes back periodcially just to make sure he is still adjusted o.k.

  • Have you tried a tens machine?

    I realise how awful it must be for you in constant pain.

    but pain can be controlled and managed

    I hope you can find some relief.

  • I have used accupunture - it does help.

  • Sorry you're in pain, Annie. I have had success with many of the approaches offered by others here. PD is very opportunistic: it moves in where you already hurt -- an arthritic knee, fallen metatarsal arches -- and makes things worse. Then sometimes better, almost perfect. Then worse again. On the pain scale, sciatica is right up there with passing kidney stones, so it's natural that your nerves are frayed, too. It's hard to know what to trust when even your favourite chair may be a cause of the pain. I hesitate to suggest solutions when you probably have tried "everything." But after years of sciatica, I developed a light exercise plan (walking, water aerobics, strength training) followed by stretching, particularly of my hamstrings, quads, and lower back. The exercise is sometimes only a 20 minute stroll, and the stretches may only take 10 minutes. I often do another set just before bedtime. In the past I had injections of cortisone in my SI joints (which the doc says are full of 'junk' -- I think he means the remains of wear and tear). The injections helped for a few weeks. Best of liuck: I hope that you find a remedy that works for you..

  • The first problem to solve is the pain caused by muscle pain or muscles cramping? There is a big difference. Next, visit a neurologist for an expert evaluation.

  • My husband's neurologist ONCE gave him an epidural in between the spinal vertibrae that was causing his shoulder pain. That was over two years ago, and that pain has never returned.

  • my pain is in my left hip or lower left ab, can't tell which. I'm dependent on laxatives so usually have worst pain after a BM but sometimes other times. I've been referred to a physical therapist who specializes in constipation and ab pain. First week I saw a lot of progress. This week agony. She warned me not to overdo. But I did. :0

  • Had that pain for several weeks - the dr said it was sciatica nerve & gave me two steroid injections in the hip - did well for a few weeks & had to go back to the dr with same pain - three more injections in the same hip and continuing exercise has won me MONTHS and MONTHS of no pain ...

  • Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for all the great tips and advice- I am feeling much better. There are times when the pain is unbearable but i'm learning that stretching and exercising are something that I have to do every day.It will be a part of my routine,one that I will do for me.It does not require anything special,no fancy equipment,just time and the rewards,benefits will be........priceless!!!! :)

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