Have you been cured using the "Recipe for Recovery" by Howard Shifke

It has been almost 200 years since medical professionals have worked to find a cure for Parkinson's, and more recently ways to control the symptoms. Still, not a lot of answers...

At fightingparkinsonsdrugfree.com a gentlemen named Howard invented the "Recipe for Recovery" from Parkinson's. So far three people, including Howard Shifke, have been totally cured using Traditional Chinese Medicine. The recipe uses Qigong exercises, a vegetarian diet, meditation, chants, and other holistic methods. It requires daily work for 7 months to one year to be cured. It is not easy, but what in life is easy? Certainly not living with Parkinson's. The good part is it is free other then buying slightly more expensive food. If you become cured using Howard's recipe, or if you try it and are not successful, please let us know here! Thank you and good luck...

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  • I have been vegetarian for years and it has not stopped me getting this. I have a very healthy diet. I suppose the meditation chants, etc. are to relax the body, but I find I could not sit for longer than ten minutes doing meditation. I find the medication makes you exhausted, but yet I am unable to stop doing things. I can rarely stay still for longer than ten minutes.

    It might work if they tied me down.

  • Doing the daily Qigong exercises will take-up lots of your time and excess energy. The exercise component is a major player in healing various organs so your body can heal itself. The Brain Vibration Chant is also very important for adding energy to your brain.

  • I;ll look it up. I've been a Buddhist for 37 years and chant every day. Find it very hard to meditate silently. The vegetarian diet does not appeal to me but I will research it and check it out. Did any of these three have a DatScan which apparently is the only definite way to determine if one has PD? I have no doubt of the curative powers of the body. I know many Buddhists who have overcome horrible ordeals just by chanting and practicing. Thanks!

  • OK read it briefly. Does one try it and titrate off the drugs? Do the drugs become unnecessary? And where do I find a partner to help me with the acupressure and cooking?

  • Howard got off drugs immediately. Others wait and get off their medication as they start to feel better. It can be accomplished either way. The three people that have been healed take no Parkinson's medications at all.

    There are many acupressure people available. There are also many chefs, many people interested in cooking, and many people on dating sites just itching to find someone to care for. Good luck on your search for a partner/care taker. What will you do for them?

  • I think I will follow the guidance I was once given: Chant for a fulfilling life, and if I need a partner in order to have a fulfilling life, one will show up. So far this has been true for me.

  • I'm not certain how the various neurologists determined each persons state. You may want to e-mail Howard; who has direct knowledge of what tests were done. You can reach Howard on the web site under the "Contact" tab.

  • I was amazed to find out that in China they have usually one treatment plan for PD. Tia Chi three times a day, acupuncture 3 times a day and massage. And the results are said to be extremely high. No meds whatsoever.

  • i'll have to look into this. It's said to be rare in India due to high use of turmeric in diet.

  • That was it too, they drink that tea! All day with every meal. Has some major healing power and antioxidant.

  • where can one find the recipe for this tea?

  • I have not found it but would love to try it.

  • WayneP , do you remember the name of the tea.?

  • I tried Tia Chi for over a year. It helped with balance, but daily walking was more effective for me than anything else until now.

  • Please give me this source of info and the contact of this place if you know. My email addr:

    tu.lam@hotmail.com. Thanks WayneP

  • Tai chi made my knee pain worse. So did yoga. Right now I'm getting good results from NIA, Alexander Technique and Movement all for pwp's. Also started PT for ab pain and constipation. Fabulous!

  • And YES daily walking with the walker but what the hey!!!

  • I want to see these people who have been cured using Howard Shifkes receipe for recovery. Why arent their names mentioned? How do we have proof it worked?

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