Parkinson's Movement

A self help approach to parkinson disease

Self help is a positive approach to your condition that says I have the power,I have responsibility.The four elements of self help

! Attitude 2 Knowledge 3 partnership with you doctor 4 taking action

We do not know how attitude affects the physical aspects of PD.However we do know that positive attitude can help improve the quality of life,it can make you feel better,it can also help you take self help,steps you need to keep you feeling as good as you can

Another essential tool of self help is knowledge,stay abreast of the latest developments in research and treatment.Equipping yourselves with knowledge will reduce your fears and enable you to make the best informed medical choices

The old model of healthcare presumed that doctor had all the power.He/She made all the decisions concerning your medical care.By contrast the self help model avknowledges that you are an active partner with your doctor in your healthcare. your job is to take the right amount od medication on time,to keep track of your symptons and side effects and let your doctor know the medication is working and any other problems you may be having

Tacking action meansdoing the things that make you feel better,help slow the disability and keep you as indepandant as possible By adopting a positive up beat attitude equipping your self with knowledge,parterning with you docror will give yourself the best possibel chance at being better with P D


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