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More on my trip to Bali

Well I messed up and posted the first part of my trip description as an answer to comment from my original post. But the most important part of my trip is still to come.

We had yoga twice a day for the enitre trip , 7 days but by the next to last day, (Friday), I could not do anything else, my body told me I was done. There were times during the retreat when I really thought I was going to die (figuritivley not litterally) but I did the best I could and took child's pose when I needed to.

We also ate vegan for the entire retreat. While it was all very good, excellent in fact, by FridayI had also had it with tofu!!!!

The best day was Thursday when we went to the healer. The healer is an 81 year old man who doesn't look much over 65 or 70. He is very well known in Bali. Needless to say I was nervous!! But he was very gentle with me and when he was finished with me, he told me to get up and stomp and jump up and down. Well you all know how hard that is for PD patients but I did it and people kept telling me I looked different. That was the 12th of July and people still tell me I look different, better!!! I feel different too, more impowered. I still have my problems with the PD and Sarcoid, but it as if they don't matter that much anymore. I don't know what it is but I like it!!

After the healer, we went to an amazing jewelry store where the locals make all the jewelry by hand and it is absolutely beuatiful. Of course I spent too much but OH WELL, you only live once!!

I will try to upload the pictures I took, mostly of Soulshine and some of the people that worked there.

The hardest part of the trip was the return flight, we had a 21 hour layover in Taipei but other than that it went ok, I came prepared with compression stockings, all my meds, and sleeping pills.

Is it something I would do again, I do believe I would. Am I glad I went?? YES, YES, YES!!!!!

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Am sooo excited that you had a great time. This is an encouraging post. :)


What a wonderful trip and so glad you were able to go. It sounds like it did you a world of good - other than the long travel. Hope everything continues to go well for you.


Stomp! Jump up and down. I like it. Thanks!


If I could jump up and down I would because it sounds like you had an amazing trip. Happy you were able to go and enjoy it so much. We traveled to Panama with our daughter last year and hsd a great time. The key to successful travel is to be prepared and you were. :-)


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