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has anyone ever accepted a donation for PD?

Hi everyone,

I am accepting a sizeable donation this coming week on behalf of Parkinsons. It will be at a drinks reception at the start of a business meeting for the company donating.

Does anyone know what the etiquette is?

I feel bad just turning up with a card or small gift in appreciation.

Any feedback welcome.

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It depends where the donation is going, if it's to PUK speak to them they will have a protocol etc :-)


And if it is Cure Parkinsons Trust (sponsors of this site) I'm sure they too will be happy to discuss.


My husband who has PD and is chairman of our local PUK branch says it would be acceptable to give your thanks telling them a bit about about the disease and how it affects people and what the money will be used for, for example for research local activities for people with PD etc.Our branch sends so much for research but also organises social events, local activites for people who have the disease to make life a little easier hopefully My husband usually finishes off with these few word when accepting donations. Thereis no cure for Parkinson's disease but there is hope, and hope comes from people like yourselves giving of your time, to raise funds for people less able than others. Hope this is helpful


thank you very much. x


Great if you could put it towards a cure rather than symptom controller! Preferably a natural solution which doesnt involve money making from pharmaceutical companies anxious to put their noxious drugs onto us...

Just graciously accept it and say it is welcome as finding a cure has been low on the agenda up to now for an illnesss which is on the increase due to pollution and pesticides and stress of modern life.


I have had a few fundraisers in my home and given the money to THE MIchael J Fox Foundation. THey send "thank yous" to those who donated. Go to their web site. You will get a few ideas.


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