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Has anyone tried hydrogen water for PD?

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Has anyone tried hydrogen water for PD?

This was a double-blind (placebo controlled) study which showed....


This novel, proof-of-concept study demonstrated that PBM+H2 therapy is safe and reduces disease severity. A larger-scaled clinical trial is warranted to completely investigate the effects of PBM + H2 therapy on PD.


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I have used hydrogen water daily for 3 months can’t notice any difference yet

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thank you for the fast reply 1. are you buying the hydrogen water or making it yourself? 2. have you combined it with the red light therapy suggested in this study?ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

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I have ordered a red light hat and have a unit that creates hydrogen

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I have not been diagnosed with PD. I have been diagnosed with REM Sleep Behavior (hopefully not pre-PD).

I have been very inconsistently using my $40 red light while on the recumbent bike for 20 minutes followed by hydrogen water: I ordered a hydrogen water generator ($180): H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water Generator with Glass Bottle and Inhaler Adapter (Silver) Brand: H2WaterForLife amazon.com/gp/product/B07FK...

Now that I am retired I hope to start doing this every day. Maybe twice a day.

I have not done it enough to say if it helps. Plus, I do a LOT of things :)

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This is my $40 red light: ebay.com/itm/283586857898

Red Light Therapy Device | Power Cord & Base Included | 24W | Red and Near IR

I have rigged a stand so I can point this at the base of my skull while I ride my recumbent bike.

Red Light eBay
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have you seen any 'real' results with your red light therapy?

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I have the same arrangement, have posted about it if you click my name. There is very little out there about just using a bulb, I bought mine from Amazon, a bit stronger than yours and have used it about 2 years, Wish some of the experts would tell us if we get the same benefit as a helmet. I place mine at different points on my head daily, use about 20-30 mins in one spot

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reply to wrong thread


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Getting confused, blame the PD


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while i appreciate the reply ... parkinson's ... is not a joke to me... i just spent 3 hours researching the benefits of hydrogen infused water when treating parkinson's ... if you want me to copy and paste my 3 hours of work, just let me know

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Could you share?

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