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The Exponential Power of Advocacy

Advocating for PD awareness, education, and increased clinical trial participation in this day and age is as powerful as it has ever been.

The use of social media makes our work powerful when an advocate can recommend certain research sites that have shown their willingness to treat volunteers with respect, making sure that their needs are met (including trial-related expense reimbursement) throughout their time involved in the trial, and made to feel that their commitment to the PD cause is appreciated.

"Word of mouth" these days has been changed to "Re-tweet" on Twitter and "Like" on Facebook. Imagine if you will the exponential power of the PD community letting their followers or friends know of the positive experiences they have had at certain sites and willing to recommend these to fellow PwP's.

Let us use the power of advocacy, which is a mighty one indeed, to send out those tweets, status updates, blogs, and any other means available to us to push research forward by letting POSITIVE-OUTCOME research sites known by name so that many more volunteers are willing to walk through their doors. I would venture to say that research organizations wouldn't mind being mentioned in a positive way for the work that they do.

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Good Morning To all involved, I Was diagnosed with P.D. nnearly 10 yrs ago, m y specialist dr. said there is no cure, words i do not want to hear, IHave tried tibetan medicine/ accupuncture/bio energy/meditation tapes/ then heard of a biochemist in america who made up a formula of vitamins /minerals /and had some success / his name was TIM COCHRAN HAD A CLINIC IN CALIFORNIA, he could not pass the brain blood barrier/ has anybody else heard of him? that started me thinking about changing my diet/ & studying as far about pd as m y brain could do/which truthfully is'nt a lot but now i understand a lot more about whats wrong,I started drinking water about 3/4 pints thats a complete reservoir to me/taking supplements/ b complex/ fish oil/hempseed oil/q10/ but they stop the pills from working/ aaaand i can hardly walk/ so i'm still struggling around but i'll get there/ but I feel better, I'm hopingi can heal some of the damage done by pd, which as anyone with PD is relentless/ but then so am I, please excuse speling / i have not had my tabs yet/ i hope I havent bored you to death! I Haveplenty more to say if you can stand it, JOHN B.


Thanks so much for this. you raise some v. interesting points - do feel free to contact me ( re some of the dietary/alternative routes. Its well worth looking at some of Tom's Blogs about everyone moving together towards finding a cure - everyone's opinions and experiences are so important. Again, TVM


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