Mr. Parkie

Here I was merrily skipping

along life's path,

with a song in my heart and

a dance in my soul

When I suddenly stumbled

Did not even have a chance to grumble

I did not feel the invasion

so stealthily it did happen

One moment I was skipping

And the next moment I was slipping

Mr. Parkie Mr. Parkie

U are rude and sneaky

U came in without a squeak

and made me unable to speak

u took over my body

pretty as u please

without asking

may i please?

Mr. Parkie Mr. Parkie

U are rude and sneaky

U came in and occupied

and i am petrified

U are on a killing spree

killing all my brain cells

U are in control of my

body parts shaking them

as u please

U took over my mind

my body but u ain't got my soul

No no no u ain't got my soul

Hey Mr. Parkie

if you think I am just

gonna roll over and play dead

u don't know what u got instead

I am gonna fight u

u uninvited guest

I am gonna kick u out

just u wait and see

may just be wishful thinking on my part

but it is my wish

and in that i can do as i wish

and i wish u go away far far away

Mr.Parkie....I do not need u

go away go away go away!!!

14 Replies

  • Great poem you have a great talent, and a great spirit keep up the good you do and thankyou x

  • oh thank u for the kind u know humor is imp to keep goin at my attempt....I have been trying to kick Mr.Parkie out....but "the jerk" is very stubborn:)))

  • I can identify with your poem. It is very good. I also write poetry,it helps to get our feelings out.Some days it is hard to fight this horrible monster that has invaded us.P>U>S>H pray until something happens. We cannot let the monster win.We are going to be the winners when a cure us found.

  • Brooke....I find writing very therapeutic and a sense of humor helpful...otherwise life wud be the pits....We cannot let the monster win..I have nicknamed him Mr.Parkie and am trying my best to kick him out:PPPP

  • Very nice. I think we all feel the same way about Mr. Parkie!

  • One person we all would love to kick out or as I say wud be nice to have a Block button:P oh well we try...everyday is a struggle as only we know....

  • SuKas...Love this! Great job at putting into words the way we all feel.

  • :)) Thank u.... some of the feelings are so difficult to articulate verbally and works in writing....

  • Thank you. I cannot write poetry to save my life, but you have, and you have exceeded most people's wildest expectations.

  • hahah thank u...well we all have our talents...and this is something for me just pours out of my heart:)) I am so so glad if this helped u smile even a lil bit:))

  • dat is such a true poem describes us parkies hope they find a cure

  • I hear you and I hope they find a cure soon getting really tired of that jerk Parkie:)

  • yes dat parkie is such a jerk how long ru living with him im only new 2 him has me wrecked everyday

  • 8 years today....

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