MJF and cartoon/pd joke

In regard to the discussion on the cartoon being circulated via Facebook:

While I agree that as individuals we should not waste our emotional energy on public poor humor, remarks etc., I do think that as a group we should definitely state our dismay and objections. The variety of foundations and societies for PD should take advantage of this incident while it has public attention. By using the the negative and poor humor of the joke as a stepping stone, we as a group can can speak about what pd is and what having pd means.

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  • understand the sensitity as I have PD, however also find as an artist, it theraputec to make something funny in all adversity. Cartoons can wage the war on PD, not from a political sense, but from the emotional, and fundamental senses of the reality, that we have it. It is another way of journaling, and can be helpful

  • I agree that finding humor for life's ups and downs so to speak is therapeutic. But don't you grow tired of the perpetuated ignorance of what PD is?

  • Yes!! And I really wish that Parkinsons UK would pull its finger out and do something about raisinig public awareness. A few years ago I and others tried very hard to do something about this and make it happen. We worked very hard and there were many fantastic offers of help and advice. Sadly all came to nothing. I am sick of feeling that people think I'm a wimp when I can't do things - and this makes me push myself far too hard and I know,make myself worse. We need the public to understand that PD is not simply ' a few shakes' - it destroys us physically and psychologically. I would love to become involved in a campaign to raise public awareness. It's not rocket science - look at what Breast Cancer Awareness and the Alzheimer's Society have done!

  • Serendipity--not rocket science. The right message at the right time. . .the questions remain--how when who. . .

    You're not a wimp. Neither am I. We push hard and the penalty is high. I pushed myself the past weeks painting the interior of my house, doing spring yard work etc. I refused to give in. It felt good in the beginning. Ok in the middle. Bulldog determination and terrier tenacity got me through the end.

    But I've fallen 3 times in less than 2 days, my gait is horrible, I'm irritable as the devil, and in general I feel awful! BUT I'm NOT a wimp. Neither are you.


  • Hi Chris

    I completely agree. I can take a joke as well as anyone else, but have never found jokes that targetted specific individuals or races, funny. My father was a cartoonist and he never used people more unfortunate than him as a source of fun.

    I make fun of me, but never of other people and expect the same respect from others. Life is difficult enough without being ridiculed. But we have to get the profile of Parkinsons raised, But how?

  • I wish I knew a better way Sue. I've got a blog site on google, maybe we can all set up individual blogs focusing on living with pd--have everyone start their blog within 72 hours, slam the giant Google world, cause mass cyber chaos, and get noticed. Ummm didn't someone claim any publicity is good publicity??? Snarky today!!

    I really wish awareness was not just higher, but more accurate about what pd is. Move on, movement events, move move move whatever is not a message anyone without personal experience with pd understands.

    Yeah, we shake, and we walk funny--but honestly????

    IF that was all there was to PD--I'd be friggin thrilled!

    Well--at least I'm inspired to return to my blog and write to an imaginary audience (they're not terribly interested--; )

  • Hi Chris.

    You inspired me to get moving. Had a couple of good days so tackled the garden while the weather was nice. Raining today and I think I should take time to recharge my batteries, Did not get round to any painting though!!

    Think we are all sick of Parkinsons though we must never give up the FIGHT. This damn thing will not beat me. or that is what I keep telling myself, Tomorrow is another day,

    I would be interested in your blog so keep writing.


  • My favorite part of gardening is being visually rewarded for your labors. LIke a little girl I race out each morning to see if the flower seeds I sprinkled in the dirt have sprouted! (a couple have and are poking their newborn furled green limbs out! ) My daughter loves it too. Such a simple miracle!

    Hope you are resting today!

    Hugs to you,


  • Write on :)

  • I totally agree with you! The television news stations are always commenting on the latest scandal to hit the internet such as bullying and graphic content. What a perfect opportunity to make the public aware of just how heartbreaking Parkinsons can be, and how cruel it is to make jokes at the expense of those who suffer with this disease !

  • After writing this, I went to Facebook and contacted the local news Fox 5 fan page. I wrote a message to them asking them to address this on their news program. If enough of us do this..maybe we can get them to help us educate the public

  • Good morning,

    Way to go Kat00--I'll send the station a note too. Maybe we can inspire our other cyber pwp friends yo follow your lead.

    Thanks for taking initiative!

  • If I don't laugh I'll cry. Not a good way to get anything done.

  • I understand. There's so much to pd--it's suffocating. But if we don't find humor within ourselves and with our pd friends, family, etc., life would be unbearable. It's not that the jokes aren't entertaining some times, it's just the level of ignorance about pd that they perpetuate that is of concern.

  • To add to what was said above about PD not being "just a few shakes" - it is sobering to think that ALL of the substantia nigra cells we will have for our entire life develop BEFORE we are born. NO MORE CAN be produced after we leave our cozy prenatal environment.

    BY THE TIME we are diagnosed with PD we have lost 90 to 95% of all the substantia nigra we were born with. This anatomic fact is so scary. I don't like the idea of not having something I need to move, (i.e. LIVE)

    PD is not a joke. I have a very irreverent sense of humor and sometimes crass, graphic overstatement can be ridiculous enogh to be funny. In a sick, inappropriate way. I can laugh at myself and our sad human condition. The incongruity is the joke NOT those it unwittingly targets.

  • A cartoonist with Parkinsons: thedopaminechronicles.world...

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